About us

Our History

Al Yahar Organic fertilizers factory was established in 1996 in the outskirts of the Garden City ‘AlAin’ in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,
and the company began its commercial activities in 1998. It is specialized and the regional market leader in satisfying the regional market’s demands for organic fertilizers in various segments. Ranked no.1, it is one of the largest manufacturers of Organic fertilizers within the United Arab Emirates and based on the company’s decision to diversify our products it has become one of the main exporters of Organic fertilizers to the GCC countries.
Our company’s mission is shaped by the famous statement of our Father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan:
“Give me agriculture, I will give you civilization”


Most people were reluctant and never believed in persuing agriculture in UAE but our Father Sheikh Zayed believed in striving for excellence and once a desert is now a green oasis with agriculture contributing a great deal to the oil dominant economy. We at Al Yahar Organic Fertilizers Fatory team want to diversify our products as per the growing customer’s demands and also introduce new products to keep up with the latest inovations globally. Our aim is to make sure every seed, as far as we go is germinated and grown green and fruitful.

Our Approach

Our approach is results driven and we ensure that when our customers use our products they achieve fantastic results. We have a wide distribution and supply our organic fertilizers throughout United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. We manufacture a standard range of products to provide a basis for most applications in general garden, lawn, sport turf and food
production. For more specialized needs we can design and custom blend to specifications particular to your requirements.

Organic Fertilizers

Why organic?
The crop removes large quantity of plant nutrients from soil, particularly the removal of NPK nutrients at the present level of crop production has been estimated at 125 kg/ha/annum whereas the annual addition is not more than 75kg resulting in depletion of the nutrient reserve of soil. Excessive use ofchemical fertilizers and other agro chemicals, which are the important inputs in modern farming creates depletion in soil fertility and pollution in surface water bodies. Furthermore, the growth in popularity of crops produced via organic farming methods has led to an increased demand for fertiliser products that can help farmers satisfy these needs without sacrificing high yields or quality produce. Other main benefits of Organic fertilizer are list below.

  • Non-toxic Food:
    Use of these organic fertilizers ensures that the food items produced are free of harmful chemicals. As a result, the end consumers who eat these organic products are less prone to diseases such as cancer, strokes, and skin
    disorders, as compared to those who consume food items produced using chemical fertilizers.
  • On-Farm Production:
    The majority of organic fertilizers can be prepared locally or on the farm itself. Hence, the cost of these fertilizers is much lower than the cost of chemical fertilizers.
  • Low Capital Investment:
    In addition to the on-farm production possibilities of organic fertilizers, organic fertilizers help in maintaining the soil structure and increasing its nutrient-holding capacity. Therefore, a farmer who has practiced organic farming for many years will require far less fertilizer, because his soil is already rich in essential nutrients.
  • Safe Environment:
    Organic fertilizers are easily bio-degradable and do not cause environmental pollution. On the other hand,
    chemical fertilizers contaminate both the land and water, which is a major cause of diseases for human beings and is
    the force behind the extinction of a number of plant, animal, and insect species.
  • Fertility of Soil:
    Organic fertilizers ensure that the farms remain fertile for hundreds of years. Land located at the site of ancient
    civilizations, such as India and China, are still fertile, even though agriculture has been practiced there for thousands of years. The fertility is maintained because organic fertilizers were always used in the past. However, with the increased use of chemical fertilizers today, land is rapidly becoming infertile, forcing many farmers to further increase their use of chemical fertilizers or even leave the farming industry entirely.

Our Quality

Why our products?
The team of Al Yahar is constantly trying to develop the best products in the market. Some of the main reasons of why our products stand out among others are as follows.

  • High Fertilization Efficiency:
    Our fertilizers reduce nutrient losses to the environment while increasing nutrient availability for the plant or the crop.
  • Restoration of soil fertility:
    Restoring soil fertility with a fertilizer can be a tricky task. If you use too much, the soil will actually become untenable. Too many nutrients can sterilize the soil in a hurry. Using an inorganic fertilizer can be even more dangerous. Going over the specified amount to apply by even a little can burn the crops and make it very difficult to get the soil back into balance. At Al Yahar we have a specialized team to ensure that our fertilizers have the most optimal ingredients for restoration of soil fertility
  • Environmental Respect:
    Our aim is to manufacture and distribute products which are environmentally and ecological friendly. We focus on products that will assist the agricultural environment with enhanced productivity and performance whilst supporting
    the preservation and care of nature.
  • Economic saving:
    Our value for money products provide a significant level of long term economic saving for our customers.